photography by   Alison Poole

For as long as she can remember, Alison has enjoyed photography.  As a young child, hours were spent pouring through old family albums. She would never complain when her father hauled out the slide projector to show the latest family excursion.  Alison’s first camera was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic during her university days.  Later, her father passed on a vintage Voigtlander which she hauled around Europe capturing memorable moments.  She still treasures that little camera with its bellows.  Today Alison, who is primarily self-taught, shoots with Nikon gear.  When asked what photography course she has taken, Alison replies ... “I surround myself with people who know WAY more than I do about photography, read the occasional book and take plenty of pictures to practice what I have learned.”

Alison enjoys photographing a variety of subjects from vibrant city life to forgotten rural abandoned memories ...  indoor objets d'art to outdoor scenes and activity ...  brilliant colours to subdued black and white or sepia.

The desire and aptitude to capture a feeling, or affect an emotion for the viewer  is typically her anticipated goal.  Lighting is often a key factor in addition to a solid composition.  When she is really on a roll, a title will present itself to really seal the deal on a photo.

Alison lives with her husband in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.  Her photography may also be known under the alias Brightburn, a name derived from her beloved Airedale Terriers Bentley and Kate.

Alison Poole has had photos published in The Edmonton Journal, Schmap Miami Guide, Travel Magazines as well as several nonfiction books.  Her photography hangs in Edmonton City Hall, the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton and numerous businesses and private collections across Canada, the US and the UK.